Swordsmanship in London - Bradford - Manchester - Est. 2001




Matt Easton is a martial arts teacher and arms and armour researcher from London, now living in Guildford. His weekly class in Ealing, West London.
Matt has been involved with historical European martial arts (HEMA) since 1997 and has been teaching since 2000, establishing Schola Gladiatoria in 2001. Matt is the director of FightCamp, one of the biggest annual HEMA events. Matt is a founding member of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition. He is a qualified HEMA instructor, recognised by both the British Federation for Historical Swordplay and the British Combat Association. Currently Matt also runs a popular historical warfare-related YouTube channel.
Matt's historical fencing career started as a student of The Company of Maisters, later joining The Exiles Company of Medieval Martial Artists, of which he became co-director. During this time he began his study of Fiore dei Liberi's treatises, assisting his Italian friend, Eleonora Durban, to produce the first English translation of the Getty version of Fiore's treatise 'Il Fior di Battaglia'. Matt started to receive invitations to teach at international events and having already established a training group based in Ealing, in 2001 Schola Gladiatoria was officially named and founded.
Since 2000, Matt has taught his interpretation of Fiore's fighting system at events in the UK, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Sweden. Matt added British military sabre to his repertoire and started teaching that at international events in 2008 and that has since become his personal focus, though he maintains a keen interest in renaissance Italian longsword fencing and still teaches that.

Matt attained a BA(hons) in Medieval Archaeology and History from University College London in 2000, writing his dissertation on the development of 13th and 14th century armour. He has since lectured at the Wallace Collection, the Tower of London, the Royal Armouries in Leeds, to the Armour Research Society, the British Arms and Armour Society and at two International Arms and Armour Conferences in Florence and Vienna.

Matt has consulted on several TV projects and been featured in various articles and publications, including writing the introduction for Swordsmen of the British Empire and publishing Elliott's Art of Attack and Defence in April 2014. He is working on a number of other upcoming publications.
Matt has ranked highly in several major HEMA swordsmanship competitions, as well as winning the Glorianna Cup, the BFHS longsword competition and the FightCamp Assault at Arms.
Matt is also an avid collector of antique weapons and runs www.antique-swords.co.uk as part of his collecting hobby. Previous to HEMA, Matt studied modern fencing (foil and sabre) and kung fu. He was formerly a keen modern and longbow archer and now regularly shoots historical muzzle-loading black powder firearms as a member of the MLAGB.



Paul runs SG9 in Manchester. He teaches German longsword according to the Liechtenauer sources from medieval and renaissance Germany, as well as other systems including 19th/20th century walking stick defence.
Paul began his martial arts career by studying various forms of karate and aikido from the age of 12 onwards. He found HEMA in 2004, starting with rapier and quickly going on to study the Liechtenauer medieval armed combat tradition. He has recently branched out into the cane defence system of A C Cunningham.
He has taught workshops at international HEMA events in the UK and abroad and runs the annual "Pas d'Armes" tournament at FightCamp.



Colin Fieldhouse runs SG6 in Bradford. Colin has had an interest in swordsmanship since his mid-teens. Before finding HEMA he took up modern fencing (sabre), before also studying Kendo at Bramhall Kendo Club near Stockport.
Colin has been studying HEMA since 2003, initially with the KdF in Leeds where he studied German Longsword and Sword and Buckler based on the I.33 manuscript. In 2008 he was invited by Paul Bennett to help start a chapter of Schola Gladiatoria in Bradford and became the assistant instructor to the group.
As well as helping teach at the school, he is also studying Fiore Dagger with Neil Johnson of SG7. During his time spent studying in Bradford he has developed an interpretation of Le Jeu de la Hache (in conjunction with G. Richardson), which he presented at FightCamp 2010. He is also actively working on an interpretation of the 1798/1805 Roworth/Taylor sabre manual which he is currently teaching to students in Bradford.
Colin took second place in the 'Days of the Blade' longsword competition at the Knight Shop, Conwy in 2010 and will be competing at FightCamp in 2011, where he will also be involved in 4 martial challenges.
As part of his day job as a primary school teacher, he runs a weekly after-school fencing club to teach sabre and longsword to 7-11 year olds.
Colin is currently teaching dagger from the Fiore tradition and British Military Sabre at SG6.


Contact: schola-gladiatoria@hotmail.co.uk