Swordsmen of the British Empire, by D. A. Kinsley

Swordsmen of the Empire, by D. A. Kinsley - the new edition!

This is the most significant and complete reference work ever created on hand-to-hand combat, as described and discussed in English language sources from the 17th to the early-20th century. If you want to understand historical close combat, these sources are invaluable.

Included is an introductory essay covering the weapons and martial arts of the sources by historical fencing instructor Matt Easton.

This is the 3rd revised and enlarged edition (2013) of the British Sword Fighters series: a unique and comprehensive collection of combat narratives of, and commentaries on, the sword fighting and fighters, swords, and swordsmanship of British conflicts from the 17th century to the 20th. With numerous illustrations. (Slightly smaller print has enabled the inclusion of much new material without increasing the number of pages that were in the previous edition.)

This work includes at a massive selection of original accounts which give the reader a broad insight into what hand-to-hand combat in the age of Empire was actually like. Many of the themes covered, such as the cut and thrust debate, carry across historical periods and weapons. Numerous kinds of combat at covered, covering all the principle hand weapons of the period, including sabres, lances, bayonets, broadswords, smallswords and spears. These sources also give a great insight into other national martial traditions and weapons, including Sudanese 'dervishes', Indian swordsmen, Gurkha warriors and Zulu soldiers.

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