Bältesspännarna - northern knife wrestling

Bältesspännarna - northern knife wrestling

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We discovered and work on Bältesspännarna, a Johan peter Molin Sculpture and many documents about knife duelings in Norway, Sweden and Zeland.

"Another very remarkable memorial of past times and customs treasured in the [Christiania, Norway] museum is the girdle and the knives which the gentlemen of Norway used in the good old days, now lost, when they pitched into one another in duels. First, each one of the combatants took a butcher-knife, and plunged it as deep as he could into a block of wood. The blade, so much as was not in the wood, was then wound round tight with strips of leather, and the knives were cautiously drawn out, and each man took his own. It therefore had now a longer or shorter point, according to the strength he had to plunge it into the wood. Their girdles were then fastened together, so that they could not get away from one another. Now they went at it hip and thigh, cut and slash, till one or both were killed. If modern duellists were put to such tests of strength and courage, there would be few challenges."

The Alhambra and the Kremlin: The South and the North of Europe (1873) by Samuel Irenæus Prime.

Any documents here:
* tvekampsformen / Envig: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Envig
* Bältespännarna: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%A4ltesp%C3%A4nnarna
* Spänna bälte: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sp%C3%A4nna_b%C3%A4lte

* All documents and references in my website: https://ressourcesamhe.com/armes/dague/couteau/

And this is the firsts tries in sparring:

Fighting Hand to Hand with knives (described in many texts):

And the best-of with slow motion:
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