Southern Swords - Be careful with them

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Southern Swords - Be careful with them

Postby cesarmasso » 25 May 2016 07:06

My name is Cesar Masso, and I´m from Spain. Many of you may know me since I´ve been doing HEMA for 15 years, 5 of them running my own club. Once month ago I purchased two swords form SOUTHEN SWORDS. After 15 minutes of very light practice the handle on both swords went loose with the know danger of breaking and possible injuries this creates (and I specifically requested them swords suited for HEMA practice). I went back to them requesting for the swords to be returned and to get a refund on them. I returned the swords and after more than twenty e-mails and many hours wasted arguing with them I got my money back for the swords, but they refused to refund me for the shipping costs. In no email, they doubt that the swords were faulty. All arguing was about how much they were going to refund me. So they sent me faulty goods and nevertheless I have to pay for shipping?!?!?!?

The matter is in the hands of a lawyer now. But just so you know if you buy from SOUTHERN SWORDS or LARP WARRIORS (they are the same people) you risk receiving wrong goods, wasting many an hour of arguing, not getting your money back and wasting time and money on a lawyer.

This is the first time this ever happened to me. Not receiving wrong items (sometimes forget swords have problems) but the first time a dealer pretends for the customer to pay for their mistake. I think this fact should be known among the HEMA community so you know what to expect.
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Re: Southern Swords - Be careful with them

Postby admin » 25 May 2016 10:41

Thanks for the info - out of interest, what products were they?

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Re: Southern Swords - Be careful with them

Postby cesarmasso » 15 Jun 2016 10:33


they were: Sergeant Rapier & Steel Scabbard. 1840 Model Blade (Blunt).
Sabre HEMA has not been very popular in Spain so far, and mostly we have sticked with the Hanwei Hutton. Is not a bad sword but we wanted to try something different.
Slightly off-topic: I think I recall a video on your youtube channel mentioning that you were developing a new sabre for HEMA along with Red Dragon. Am I right? Is that out yet? It´ll be awesome.

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Re: Southern Swords - Be careful with them

Postby UncleDicky » 07 Oct 2016 09:53

How odd -
I have bought many arms and armour from Southern and never had an issue with them. In fact I'd say that the Tinker Longsword they sold me was one of the best parcelled for postage I have ever seen.
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