More Atrims for sale..

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More Atrims for sale..

Postby admin » 15 Jun 2006 10:58

I am currently in possession of 3 Countercut stock Atrim swords. Unused. One single-hander and two longswords. Unfortunately I do not know which models numbers the correspond to.. and the longswords might have been one-offs.

The single hander looks quite like this, but with a bigger disc pommel and not quite so pointy:
I can sell it for £280.

One of the longswords looks kind of like this, but with less taper in the blade and more parallel edges, and a straight un-blued guard, and a small un-blued wheel pommel:
I can sell that for £320

The other longsword is like no other Atrim I've seen before - I call it 'The Executioner', because it looks like one of those 15th/16thC executioner's swords.. It's a beast and I really like it actually. It also come with a scabbard.
That can sell for £320 as well.

I'll have all three with me at the Gunpowder Mills. After that I'll put some proper photos up of them.
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Postby Cutlery Penguin » 15 Jun 2006 11:08

I have two as well, both single handers. I'll bring them both along to the GPM and try and get some decent photos.
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