Boar's Tooth: Fighting With the Sword and Buckler Vols. 1&am

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Boar's Tooth: Fighting With the Sword and Buckler Vols. 1&am

Postby Monster Zero » 01 Jul 2008 06:24

I just finished reviewing both volumes of the Dave Rawling's I.33 DVDs: DVD I, ,Lutegerus sword and buckler of I.33 part I “Intention” and Lutegerus, I.33 part II “Timing and distance”.

I'm seriously impressed and very much looking forward to training with Dave, Pete and the rest of Boar's Tooth. Dave is an excellent instructor and clearly presents the material in a clear and thoughtful manner. It isn't just X technique that Dave demonstrates, but he fully explains the parts of the technique while focusing on the intent and "energy" that both combatants are using. This serves to explain how the technique not only works, but when to use it and what the "feeling" is. This is something that very few martial artists do and it truly shows that Dave not only has a very high understanding of the material he's presenting, but martial arts in general.

The first DVD focuses on the First Ward and Half Shield and how they interplay and counter each other. However the real star of this DVD is Dave's Explanation of the importance of intention for both the attacker and the defender. I've found in my personal training that intention is the most most important factor. Without the proper intention and the energy that comes with it, the technique you are doing is not correct. And Dave clearly explains its importance for both the person doing the drill and the person feeding it. This is a great point to begin a DVD series and it really elevates this DVD from a simple interpretation of I.33 to a very powerful introduction to a personal combat system.

The Second DVD continues this, focusing on Distance and Timing. This is an incredibly important part of combat that few people have a good understanding of. This is solid gold info here and is the true key to sparring as it allows you to strike, counter and win against your opponent. This DVD expands on the techniques presented in the first, showing proper distance and timing and introducing a few new variants and options. Absolute gold here folks.

Overall I'm very impressed with these DVDs and Dave's teaching as well. For anyone interested in I.33 these DVDs are a must have.
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