F/S: Albion Norman & a coupla smallswords

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F/S: Albion Norman & a coupla smallswords

Postby Ant » 13 Jun 2008 14:28

Hi All,

I am totally gutted at the moment as my boiler has packed in and am therefore having to sell some sharp’n’pointies in order to get a new one. Rather than put them on e-bay straight away I thought I’d offer them to your good selves first!

1) Albion Norman:

I am especially annoyed at having to sell this as I have literally only just gotten it, and it’s my favourite sword! For a review, please see MyArmoury.com.

It comes with brown leather wrap (although to the eye it looks more a burgundy/reddish-brown colour). It also comes with a campaign scabbard in brown. Hasn’t been cut with and no marks on the blade at all.

The package together if bought from Albion Europe would cost you nearly £700 including postage to the UK, with a possible 4 month wait for them to get it in stock and make the scabbard. I’m putting this on for £550 inc p&p to the UK. The reduction being due to a bit of wear at the top of the scabbard where the belt has been (it’s a little bit crinkled and loose, but nothing major).

http://i120.imagethrust.com/images/3TD3 ... word1.html

http://i106.imagethrust.com/images/3TD5 ... bbard.html

http://i104.imagethrust.com/images/3TD6 ... hilt1.html

http://i116.imagethrust.com/images/3TD7 ... bbard.html

2) Paul Macdonald Smallsword

Again, a fairly new addition to my collection, but last ones in, first ones out.

A semi-custom sword from Paul Macdonald in Scotland. Cast-bronze hilted smallsword with triple-fullered, blued blade. Has very nice copper and brass wire wrap. I waited quite a while for this to be made and sad it has to go. Cost £230 new and hasn’t been used for anything apart from sitting on my wall. Asking £180 for it including p&p to the UK.

http://i109.imagethrust.com/images/3TD8 ... word1.html

http://i101.imagethrust.com/images/3TD9 ... word2.html

3) John Barnett Smallsword

Bought this on impulse. Advertised as a 17thC shortsword, it’s more of a smallsword – double shell guard, steel twisted wire wrap, double edged blade that is polished to a satin-like finish, peened pommel. Not a high-budget piece, but still nice and solid and does-what-it-says-on-the-tin. Again, I have not used this for any practice and it has just been sitting on my wall. Like many of the Barnett range, this doesn’t come with a scabbard. I’m asking just £65 for this one, inc p&p to UK.

http://i102.imagethrust.com/images/3TDe ... word2.html

http://i115.imagethrust.com/images/3TDf ... word3.html

I am a total noob when it comes to posting images, so hope I've uploaded/downladed/ whatever you kids are calling it these days properly!

Happy to send out any other specs/images on request - feel free to pm/e-mail me with any questions.


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