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Bayonet wasters

Postby Phil C » 26 May 2008 16:35

Due to the requirements of the SSS for bayonet fencing their resident woodwizard and bangstickmeister Joolz set about making a decent, yet reasonably priced, bayonet waster with retractable spring loaded bayonet.

The original design and development for the 'Bess Land Pattern can be seen here (may need login for pics )- ... 689#200689

He has since made the MKII and, in keeping with the dateline of the SSS's studies, he has patterned it on the Martini Henry rifle.

I now have a pair of these for testing (to be debuted at the John Lennox training weekend here in Edinburgh most likely- now I'm gonna have rifle and pistols for the boarding action class :)) and can say that they are stunning bits of kit indeed.

Ideal for the job, sturdy enough to bash against each other and take a hit from another waster, a metal Hutton sabre or singlestick but not so precious that you'd be concerned about putting it in the way of a solid blow.

The picture doesn't show the bayonet but it increases the length to just shy of 6', handles with the same weight/balance as a real MH rifle ( I have handled and shot a few- beautiful rifle, built the Empire. Ideal anti-Zombie gun) and the spring resistance is just enough to need a good shove to get retraction but not so stiff that it will break a rib. The finish on the pieces is nice. Joolz has even taken the time to paint the breech and trigger guard of each piece to represent the metalwork of the MH.

I have looked at a few pics of originals and found that it was common that the trigger guard was removed. I have done this as it has the advantage that a modern padded staff bag can then be used as a slipcase for transporting them- useful in these times of woe.

They can be used wearing minimal kit but I would recommend torso padding, just as as the originals were used.
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