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Postby Phil C » 21 Apr 2008 15:49

Putting them here first then will widen the adervertising to elsewhere if they don't go

All for sale since I have barely opened them since I bought them, or simply have no need for them and they’d be better off in the hands someone that could use the information to get started etc

I have used Amazon to judge prices and varied it in according to book condition- see individual books for details- however I am open to offers, deals, cool stuff, trade and the like. Let me know.

Ask questions publically but transactions will be done by PM. First with the cash wins

Price includes basic P+P in mainland UK.

Secrets of German medieval Longsword
Slightly foxed spine, on the dust jacket only. £30
Christian Tobler

Codex Wallerstein
Gregorz Zabinski. Dust jacket nibbled on the base fo the spine. Slight foxing on the spine, otherwise sound. £25

Arte Gladiatoria
Filipo vadi, Greg Mele £25

Fighting with the Quarterstaff
David Lindholm £15

English swordsmanship –Part 1
George Silver, Stephen Hand £15
Spine has been nibbled by mice so price dropped accordingly. Still otherwise sound.

Master of Defence
George Silver, Paul Wagner
Spine has been nibbled by mice so price dropped accordingly. Book still sound. £30

Arte of Defence
William Wilson. £20

Sword in Two Hands
Fiore dei Liberi, Brian Price
Spine has been foxed by mice slightly. Still a sound book. £15

Fiore dei Liberi 1409- dagger and unarmed
Colin Richards £20
Foxed spine where nibbled by mice, price adjusted accordingly.

The Art of Combat
Joachim Meyer, Dr Jeffrey Forgeng
Still as new- barely opened. Very pretty. £25

Teaching and Interpreting Historical Swordsmanship
ed. Brian Price £6

The Duellists Companion
Guy Windsor £6
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