Capt Sir Richard Francis Burton Museum in St Ives, Cornwall

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Capt Sir Richard Francis Burton Museum in St Ives, Cornwall

Postby swordflasher » 12 Jun 2019 05:13

Yesterday while Tina and I were wandering round St Ives on a rainy day, i saw a sign for this museum, and determined to find it. After struggling with google maps walk, and conferring with a chance met companion on the same quest, we arrived at a private house. Our host was thrown into confusion, having never admitted three guests at once, but agreed we could all enter. He showed us to a very small room with some small framed pictures, printed from online sources or cut from magazines, started a recorded narrative and said he would be back in an hour with a mint tea.

We sat for 10 minutes not catching each other's eyes, listening to an admittedly well-presented exposition of Sir Richard's life and accomplishments, but then Tina and I left as we hadn't factored into our holiday plans spending an hour sitting in someone's converted bathroom listening to a tape recording.

Has anyone else on the forum had the same experience? And did the other gentleman who came in with us drink the mint tea, and did he leave?
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