New UK blade postage law (Offensive Weapons Bill)

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New UK blade postage law (Offensive Weapons Bill)

Postby admin » 21 Jun 2018 10:38

Hi folks,
The draft wording of the new law has been released: ... ments.html

Basically it prohibits the postage of bladed items to residential addresses, but included 'defences', such as for sporting/reenactment equipment. It also seems to imply that blunt objects are not classed as blades! (a first in UK law)

However, shockingly, antiques are not even mentioned. I have been heavily involved with lobbying on this, mostly from the fencing perspective, but now I urge you to write to the Home Office on the matter of antiques.

Here is what I sent - they treat emails just as officially as physical letters (I have been a Whitehall civil servant for over 15 years myself):



Dear Home Secretary,

Reading the text of the new UK Offensive Weapons Bill, I welcome the legal 'defences' for the postage of bladed items to residential addresses, which are legally used in sports and historical re-enactment.

However, I was shocked to see not a single mention of antiques!

The antique arms and armour trade, including through auction houses such as Christies, is worth tens of millions of pounds a year and is of immense historical and cultural significance.

Traditionally, in UK law, antique weapons have been explicitly and specifically exempted from nearly all Offensive Weapon legislation since 1988.

Please reassure the antiques trade that you will be including exemptions/defences for antiques?

​The antique trade is dependent upon home delivery and many businesses are at stake.


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