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SOLD! Albion Clontarf

PostPosted: 15 May 2018 09:30
by Lidsman
I have a Albion Clontarf for sale or trade. Its a discontinued model with only 100 made so its a rarity. Its in a very good condition and besides from some small, hard to see, marks on the blade and some wear on the grip I would say its almost in unused condition. The pictures tells tells the story better than I can do.




For more pictures:

Its very hard to set a fair price considering that the Clontarf was a very limited model but I guess that it would cost the same as the Huskarl or the Jarl if still was available. That's about $1500 but they are available and 500 will be made. So, I'm looking for $1200/£885/1000 EURO INCLUDING P&P (to most countries).

I'll trade it for the following Albion Swords:

- The Earl
- The Machiavelli
- The Baron
- The Kingmaker
- The Principe
- The Vassal
- The Crecy (with some cash between)
- The Ringeck (with some cash between)
- The Talhoffer (with some cash between)
- The Mercenary (with some cash between)
- The Yeoman (with some cash between)

Or some other Albion with cash on either side. If you want to trade I want a lot of pictures.

Re: SALE or TRADE: Albion Clontarf

PostPosted: 16 May 2018 19:03
by Lidsman
Sale pending