SOLD: steel mitten gauntlets with protective liners

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SOLD: steel mitten gauntlets with protective liners

Postby Rupert Pearson » 16 Apr 2018 02:46

Three pairs of steel mitten gauntlets, These three sizes and not massively distinct. The small is not very small and the large is not very large.
London (I travel back to shropshire once a week so could deliver en route.)
What's special about them is that I am incorporated stretchable double layer gloves into each one (see pics), and the clever thing about that is that the it gives enough protection just like that for the finger tips, and for the thumb, I used 'FIx That Thing' 'Sugru' putty to make flexible but firm thumb housings that are brilliantly effective at protecting that final bit of that digit. So that means you've got ready made three pairs of gauntlets that I already know work really well for HEMA with everyone who has tried them so far (ok, like, five people) and which a range of (for example) students can just pick up and put on and find that they work really well, just like that! The first time you put them on, since the protected thumb is a tad too big to back out of the leather loop, you have to concentrate a little, but then you know for net time how its done. But that also means you don\t have to worry about people randomly trying to pick them apart without having thought whether that would be welcome.
GB£100 including insured delivery.
If you take other items that I am currently selling (both HEMA and, separately, reenactment) it will make me the more amenable to a DEAL!
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