For sale: Axel Pettersson Fencing Jacket

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For sale: Axel Pettersson Fencing Jacket

Postby Rupert Pearson » 16 Apr 2018 02:18

Custom hacked (way improved!!) SPES HEMA jacket
"AP" Axel Pettersson Fencing Jacket Pro 350N

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Were I staying in HEMA, there is no way I would sell this.
I ordered the fully customised version and all the measurements did everything they were supposed to do. In order for you to be able to jump about in the jacket, they cannot make it so that it is snug and shaped to your neck and also to your abdomen. In a non-stretch and robust thing like this jacket (especially with the heavy suede chest optionally attached), you'd be stuck! I came up with the perfect solution (if I do say so myself). I removed the collar and attached it to its own thick and padded gorget. The gorget sits under the yolk and shoulders of the jacket and therefore the jacket can move completely independently of the collar! I of course also improved how the collar closes so that the wearer has more choice as to the shape it makes around the neck and so that it makes for an even more effective (and safe!) blade catcher! The collar sits perfectly snuggly around the neck can even be fitted to follow the contours of the manubrium and collar bones etc at the same time as the neck! So since the jacket can move independently of the collar (making it therefore much easier to 'jump about' freely in) that further means that the abdomen can be made to fit snuggly after all, which further improves the ability to move while in the jacket. Please see photos of the strong leather straps I had added to the back to pull in the abdomen just the desired amount.
In terms of the sizes, I am a 'mister medium' shape with a 41 chest and with a medium/not-quite-slim tummy. my upper body height and arm length are normal for these measurements. But remember the ways in which my adjustments make the wearers actual shape less significant.
Also I completely re-did how the plastic plates are fixed to the jacket, and improved how the move with each other and offer protection: way better!!
One of the most serious likely injuries that presents itself as a real risk at all levels of long sword and other HEMA is metacarpal fracture! I have sewn strips of nice and flexible 'D30' into the wrist. They protrude beyond the cuff also so that they always overlap also with even a short cuff belonging to gauntlets. To see how amazing D30 is, visit here: ... t-pro-350n
New, fully customised, this costs EU€400 and the regular version is EU€315
So I'm asking GB£200 for this.
If you take other items that I am currently selling (both HEMA and, separately, reenactment) it will make me the more amenable to a DEAL!
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