SOLD: PAIR of Peter Regenyei feder longswords

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SOLD: PAIR of Peter Regenyei feder longswords

Postby Rupert Pearson » 16 Apr 2018 02:04

PAIR of Peter Regenyei federschwerter Standard longswords feders

The leather wrap to the grips are a bit messed up, one more than the other, see pics for this and for condition in general.
Comes with an extra long black fencing bag that is long enough for them!
Here is the site I actually bought this from showing a page for what seems to be the same sword type (clearly some differences of course) as it is sold presently.…/federschwert-ts-by-pete…
These ones are on the site for Euros €260 which is GB£225.
As you can see from the attached receipt I paid Euro€250 each for them.
So I'm asking GB£350 for the pair.
Plus, if you take other items that I am currently selling it will make me the more amenable to a DEAL!
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