Historical Clothing tailored by me

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Historical Clothing tailored by me

Postby Weedus » 17 Jan 2017 05:24

As Pre-Story...like 20 Years ago the Job Office forced me to do Job Training for "naughty Teenagers"...i was there with alot of other Guys and Girls and there was 3 Jobs...Gardening,Woodworking and Tailoring..
All the Girls went to Tailoring...and i thought "hmm all the Girls are there...i can sit the whole Time...compared that with the Imagination of Sweat dropping on Wood cause i had to file or Cut it for an Hour...or me carrying around big Soil Bags....well the decision was made for Tailoring ;)

I found it extreme useless...and only did it cause they forced me too...and then i forgot about it the last 20 Years.....
But since i do Hema and in general "Living History" things...its realy nice to be able to profesionaly Tailor Clothing..
I had the Idea to sell Historical Clothing with the Focus on Fencing and Battlefield Stuff like Gambesons,Gloves,Arming Caps etc...
I then bought several Books about Medieval Clothing and also Viking Time CLothing,which focus on the Tailoring and they focus on the type of Fabric,the Pattern of Stitches and all that
I studied the clothing in the Maj. Bible for example and made Cutting Shemes/Stencils for them.

I sourced the most heavy Hemp and Linen Fabric i could find in Germany,unbleached 100% Natural Historical 550 Gramm/m² Hemp and 650 Gramm m² Linen
(this will last a Lifetime...unlike 80 Gramm m² Cotton T-Shirts we wear today ;) )

I have the prices split in Material and Work...and Work can be choosen as historical Correct,then i hand stitch the Museum Prooveable Patterns...or Modern...then i take my Sew Machine and just sew it together the Modern way....
So the Price for a Modern Sewed Piece is drastically lower then for a historical one.
The Ground Price is 20 Euro/ Hour Work + Material Cost
Material Cost is 30 Euro per Running Meter for booth Hemp and Linen
I can use historical correct or modern Dye....the difference is basicaly how strong it looks...historical red for common People looked more like a pale apricot...
Leather cant be dyed Black at all and Black was in general the Colour of low ranked Priests...
Most Common in Germany was a light Blue,dyed with the Woad Plant

So i can make Head and Body Clothing...in Hemp,Linen and Leather (Leather is so expensive you have to pay the Material in Advance or Source it yourself and send it to me)
Shoes are possible but if they realy shall fit i need to make a Wooden Model of your Feet...its not very practical when we cant meet in Person...But all else i can send you a Picture of a Human with lines to Bodyparts,you measure those Parts on your Body,and write in the Results.With that i can work excellent
For Gloves the same,you draw your Hand on Paper by moving a Pencil around,and then send me that so i can make cutting Sheme

There is a Headdress which i find is very nice and its rather affordable.It was found in Baynards House in the Queen Victoria Street in 1972,its a simple Cap with has 4 Pieces one can fold over,and when done this looks like some type of Crown.
Around 30 cm of Fabric are enough to make them and they would look nice on every mans Head ;)

In Medieval Times everyone had to cover his Head except in a Church....it was somehow obscene to run around with a "naked Head"....like you would run around Butt-Naked...So everyone should have some type of Medieval Cap ;)
Most Awesome are Leather Barrets for Man
Oh and i researched more different Headresses for Woman than for Man...i have a big choice for Woman..A simple Woman would have worn what you can see on the Maj.Bible on Folio 10 and 19,for more higher ranked Woman and Nuns it would be more like Folio 34
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