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Postby MattS » 18 Mar 2016 12:20

I’ve been looking for a good bag which I can use to transport my antique swords in, particularly to bring new ones home in. I didn’t want anything too big, or which looked like a sword/gun bag and I also didn’t want to spend very much. I found the Leon Paul ‘weapon top bag’ (http://www.leonpaul.com/weapon-carrier.html), which is meant to be zipped on top of one of their big kit bags, but it’s actually perfect for holding a few proper swords.

The specs say it’s 110cm x 6cm x 30cm and that it will hold 3 foils, 2 epees or 2 sabres. I don’t have any sport fencing swords to say if that’s true or not, but I can say it will definitely fit a 1954 British Infantry Officer’s sabre, an 1857 Royal Engineers Officer’s sabre and an 1845 French Infantry Officer’s sabre:

DSC_0756 (Small).JPG
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I did also do a later test and the bag also swallowed my 1912 British Cavalry Officer’s sword, and you could probably get two of them side by side in it. As capacious as it is, it definitely wouldn’t fit a mask in, so really it’s just a weapon bag (as its name implies).

The overall build quality is really good and feels well-made and like it will last for a long while. The bag’s got an adjustable carrying strap running along the back side of it, which works really well. However the biggest negative point I have is that I really wish it had carry handles on the side too. It also has metal zip pulls, which are very noisy. I’ve fixed that problem by cutting them off and replacing them with paracord pulls.

It also has an insulated water bottle pocket and mine came with a water bottle too. I doubt I’ll use that pocket, but it does fold flat.

The Leon Paul website was easy to use, although they do send you your password in a clear text email when you first sign up so make sure you go back in and change it as soon as you can. I chose the ParcelForce delivery option which was really quick and arrived well packaged.

In my opinion though it’s absolutely worth the 30 quid and perfect for discreetly carrying a few swords and a few other bits around.
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