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Review - Cold Steel Viking Axe - 2 handed

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2015 18:56
by swordflasher
OK, here's the link to the axe on the cold steel UK site.

Stats [from the site]

Weight 4lb 8.4oz 0.11kg
Blade Thickness 0.12" 3mm
Blade Length 10 1/3" 25.4cm
Handle Details 48" Hickory
Steel 1055 Carbon
Overall 52" 1.32m


First off it takes [took me] some skilled assembly. Having a friend with a workshop helped. Sliding the head up the haft did not lead to the head being aligned without some work, and drilling through the haft with a 1/8" and then 1/4" drill bit [and trying to guess which drill bit from a box of bits were the right sizes] and then fitting the male/female screw arrangement from either side also took some time.

The haft is coated with a thick polyurathane coating which I scraped off with the edge of a craft blade and sanded off. There were some small gaps between head and haft into which I hammered some wood shims.

The mirror finish on the blade is a bit precious, and I was happier when it had been machine-buffed to a more serviceable bluey tool steel finish. The screw heads are annoying and will need to be covered.


Whoa. Its big. Its heavy. Its slow. It would be good for a thrust, or for slow swipe at something stationary.

How to use it

This calls for some research on my part, and I've been looking at Fabrice's demonstration of the pollaxe - le jeu de la hache and this video from the European Guild of Swordsmanship. which clearly shows how not to cross the arms and because of that reminds me [weirdly] of grande baton, a bit, and Sikh lathi a lot more.
Also see 6 pollaxe lessons here - ... g/poleaxe/

To be honest, until I get used to it - and given the weight of the head and haft - if I had to fight with it now I would probably thrust, and only try and hit people if they weren't looking.

On a lighter note, I may need to turn to less traditional sources for guidance too.

Any other ideas gratefully received.


A decent factory edge out of the box. After a little work it is now whisper sharp. Um, not sure this is a good idea for something I want to practice with, so it now has a heat-moldable plastic strip on the blade for safety.


Pics to follow. I've wood-dyed [Indian rosewood] and oiled [teak oil] the haft and would like to add some leather or cord grips, but I don't know where to add grips until I work out how to use the thing.

Last word

I've only put it together today, but I imagine the point of a weapon like this is to have a relatively light and maneuverable head. If so then the eye of the axe and the haft seem too heavy - which would make it a fail as a practical weapon, but probably good for cutting stationary targets such as thick ropes, zombie dummies and cow skulls. If I had the technology to take metal off the head, or the patience to strip wood off the haft it might improve it greatly, but I'll persevere trying to make it work in practice; Its certainly interesting trying to work it out.

That's a first impression though...