Any experience with Valiant Armoury?

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Any experience with Valiant Armoury?

Postby Coronach » 31 Jul 2015 05:09

I did a search, came up with nothing recent ... which may in and of itself be a bad sign.

Does anyone have any experience with Valiant Armoury? I am wondering how the stuff they are making now holds up to use (cutting and drilling, not sparring). I am aware that Albion is the safe bet, but some of VA's stuff looks lovely, and at a much lower cost (when you factor in scabbards, etc). Naturally, I worry about handling and durability ...

Here's an example of one that has me scratching my head: ... ikjhbh1hf1

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Any experience with Valiant Armoury?

Postby kublai » 11 Nov 2015 15:30

I bought a Valiant Armoury Bastard sword (called the Savoy now) when they first came out a few years back. I bought it from the knight shop. It handles very well and has a great cutting blade, I use it constantly and it has never let me down or shown signs of weakness. The Hilt can be broken down for inspection and cleaning/customisation because it has an Allen key securing system. A lot of people will no doubt scoff and diss this idea but it is very secure and has never once come loose, even with continued cutting of Tatami and numerous Milk cartons etc. The scabbard and belt are very well made with some nice tooling to the leather, and all in all I am very happy with this sword. ... arch=savoy

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