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A question of bags for club equipment

PostPosted: 13 Jun 2015 15:31
by KeithFarrell
Rather than looking for a long bag for carrying personal equipment, I'm looking for ideas for a long bag for carrying club equipment, such as 10 club feders, 10 club rapiers, 10 club broadswords, that sort of thing. Some of the bags will need to be very long (feder length), others will probably need to be a bit broader and deeper (for broadswords and rapiers).

Do you have anything to recommend that you have used successfully for carrying equipment to and from your club?

Re: A question of bags for club equipment

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2015 05:24
by Mark T
Hi Keith,

Snowboard bags work well for off-the-shelf options that are long enough for feders. Some are pretty sizable, and even have separate compartments for different snowboards, which means different kinds of weapons can be stored in the sections.

Models change pretty regularly, but a browse at a specialist online store, or even Amazon, will show the size stats for the main brands.

One trick that worked for me was to visit a local store, and have a look at the 'end of season' models, which were heavily discounted.