SOLD: Comfort Fencing Customised Dobringer Feder for sale

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SOLD: Comfort Fencing Customised Dobringer Feder for sale

Postby JohnHellscream » 02 Jun 2015 08:21

I am selling a new Dobringer federschwert customised with half wire grip, raisers and the new octogonal gothic pommel, masterfully done by Comfort Fencing.
The feder performs flawlessly, very well balanced, one of the better, if not the best sword i have ever wielded. Really complements the technique and so forth.
Blade length: 99.5 cm.
Hilt length: 30 cm. (30,2 actually).
Point of balance: 8.7-8.8 cm.
The feder also has a tip presence, just enough, not too heavy, not too light, it will set other blades (regenyei standard) aside and it wont be set aside itself so easily.
I am selling it because i feel that i need a longer hilt (32-33 cm), thats because im tall - 188 cm and my hands are somewhat bigger. I sell it so i can purchase exactly the same model from Comfort Fencing but with extended hilt (i forgot to mention it to Comfort fencing guys the first time i ordered).
My preference comes also from my years of kendo and kenjutsu where i used a short blade (85-90cm) with a very long hilt (34 cm)...that kind of influenced my perception and muscle memory regarding blade-handle sizing and moving.

Price: 385 euro/ 280 gbp + cost of transport.

The feder is new -2 weeks, never used in sparring. I kept it in proper condition - wiped it with cloth several timea and applied firearms oil for safe keeping.
p.s in the attachment you will find a picture from the company. ill upload some personal ones as i get home, later.
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Re: Comfort Fencing Customised Dobringer Feder for sale

Postby Mark T » 08 Jun 2015 22:50

PM sent ... a few days ago! :)
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Re: Comfort Fencing Customised Dobringer Feder for sale

Postby Ragnar » 09 Jan 2016 22:33

Is this still for sale? Pm sent.
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