Darkwood Armoury very highly upgraded rapier

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Darkwood Armoury very highly upgraded rapier

Postby Rupert Pearson » 20 Feb 2015 23:16

This is a customised Jacobean English Rapier (EnglishCup) from rapier maker par excellence Darkwood Armoury. This is a heavily and very expensively upgraded version. It has a beautifully gilded guard and pommel and the grip is double wire wrapped which is both ornate and tasteful. The blade is fully exchangeable for either a button ended practical HEMA sports blade from Darkwood or one of Darkwood Armoury’s historically accurate flat ended blades (still fits into scabbard). The blade that comes with the sword you will see from the photos is astonishingly beautiful with fine piercings and a double fullers. The scabbard has a very beautifully shaped gilded chape and throat collar. I paid extra for the hidden inner rigid structure of the scabbard to be polycarbonate rather than wood - you’d have to do something really foolish to break this scabbard: it is really very strong. The outer covering isn’t just velvet, it is technically ultra authentic historic velvet that I specially ordered myself from a velvet maker near genoa that has been making velvet since the renaissance (http://www.tessiturecordani.it) !
The following link is to the ‘basic’ English Rapier sold by Darkwood Armoury: http://www.darkwoodarmory.com/index.php ... ucts_id=17
I spent USD$1,470.00 (excluding the mega pricy velvet!) on this rapier and scabbard. I realise that I’m going to have to sell at a loss however naturally I will be eager to limit that loss! I look forward to receiving your offer for this spectacular sword. It is in the UK but I'm of course happy to send it anywhere.
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