SOLD : Custom A&A ‘Schloss Erbach’ longsword for Sale!

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SOLD : Custom A&A ‘Schloss Erbach’ longsword for Sale!

Postby Rupert Pearson » 20 Feb 2015 22:27

This is a customised ‘Schloss Erbach’ longsword from premier sword makers Arms and Armour (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and the standard model can be viewed here: The one I am selling howerever was heavily upgraded and I paid a lot for it - obviously I realise that I’m going to have to sell it at a loss but the question will of course be how bad a loss...please read to the end! A&A maintains a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the sword itself "if there is any problem with workmanship or materials.” In other words as long as you don’t do anything obviously abusive with the sword, if any part of it breaks, they will replace that part. Furthermore it is easy to change the blade so if you want to order an additional blade (a sharp for example, or a blade of a different length) from A&A it is no problem securely to swop the blades over and back again. The half of the blade nearest the cross guard (known as the 'strong') has a beautiful ‘diamond’ cross section and the whole of the blade is tempered with (the correct strength and flexibility) to be used as a practical ‘training’ weapon (in other words for Historical European Martial Arts) together with an appropriately shaped tip for that purpose as well as for good looks. The 'weak' end of the blade is flat which is generally best for blades for HEMA. The sword is upgraded with a good thick layer of gilding to pommel, nut and crossguard and comes with a special scabbard, authentically stained in a regal colour, with a high end traditional rigid inner frame, thick leather belt with a fine bronze ornamental buckle, and a beautifully shaped steel chape! The grip has the beautiful and special shape from the original of course. The leather that covers it has received wear from my using it in Historical European Martial Arts - please see photos. I have always been very happy and impressed with the quality of the balance/handling as a HEMA practitioner. 115cm. I paid as much as USD$1460 I’m afraid to say - I look forward to hearing your best offer! It is in the UK (Shropshire) and naturally I’m happy to send it anywhere you like.
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