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SOLD: Albion Mercenary with Tods stuff scabbard

PostPosted: 27 Jan 2015 16:14
by Neil W

I'm offering for sale a 'butterknife sharp' Albion Mercenary with black grip and a custom made Tods stuff 15th century style scabbard with knotted straps, belt, and a pocket on the front containing a 'byknife' and 'pricker'. According to Albion's site the sword is a limited edition of only 500 made. Here's a link to info on the sword;

and a review;

'Butterknife sharp' is Albion's term and they define it as (quoting from Albion's site) 'a sword we have removed the final sharpness of the blade so you won't cut yourself'. From what have I've read this definitely can be sharpened to a state suitable for cutting by someone who knows what they are doing.

I've owned both items for around 2 years, but they have rarely been touched, other than the usual maintenance of the steel and are more or less as new. I'm selling in order to finance buying gear for HEMA.

The sword currently costs £650 and I paid £560 for the scabbard so to buy both now would be approx £1200. I'm asking £750 for both as ONE sale. I'm afraid I don't want to sell as separate items. Post and package will be extra, and the cost will depend on where it's going, but I am prepared to go halves on the cost of that.

I can only seem to add 3 pictures here, but I have more that I can send in messages, and I'm happy to answer any questions about the items.

Re: For Sale: Albion Mercenary with Tods stuff scabbard

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2015 21:38
by Neil W
price drop to £650