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New Translation ebook

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2015 18:08
by Rob
Available from here, Villamont's translation of Cavalcabo of Bologna's manuscript as well as a short piece by Patenostrier of Rome.

In 1597 the great French traveller Seigneur de Villamont translated a fencing manuscript by his teacher, Girolamo or ‘Hieronyme’ or 'Hieronymous') Cavalcabo of Bologna, along with a shorter piece by Paternostrier of Rome. This treatise seems to have brought Cavalcabo to the attention of the French court and he, and later his son César, would be invited to tech the future Louis XIII. This treatise may represent survival of the great fencing tradition of Bologna, and could have influenced the development of French swordplay in the early seventeenth century. Now translated into English, this treatise offers an insight into the fighting style of the period.