Reviewing purchases from Amazon

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Reviewing purchases from Amazon

Postby KeithFarrell » 24 Aug 2014 13:00

One of the things I like to do from time to time is to go through my Amazon account and review all the various books I have bought recently. This has several advantages, I find:

- I realise when I haven't actually read one of the books I have acquired!

- I realise that if I can't remember a book's contents well enough to review it, then I haven't taken in the material properly, and should reread the book.

- it provides a review of the item so that other potential customers can see a sensible and helpful review of the item, to help make the decision about whether or not to purchase.

- authors can sell more copies of their book when there are good reviews, and this is clearly a good thing for both the authors (they make a little more income) and for the community (with more income, authors may write further books).

Furthermore, I think it is really important to give sellers on Amazon feedback after making a purchase from them. Sellers need positive feedback to be able to continue selling on Amazon, otherwise Amazon penalises the sellers and can put them out of business. If we don't provide feedback for sellers, then we make it more difficult for small business owners to continue to do business against Amazon.

When was the last time you left seller feedback or wrote a product review for something that you found useful?
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Re: Reviewing purchases from Amazon

Postby MugginsToadwort » 24 Aug 2014 21:16

I have to admit, I rarely get around to leaving feedback. It does, however, make sense to do so. I'll try be a little more consistent.
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Re: Reviewing purchases from Amazon

Postby Monzambano » 21 Sep 2014 20:16

I have done it on occasion, but only when I felt strongly about a book, either positive or negative.

As you say, there's merit in feed-back.
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