Classical Pugilism - What every Martial Artist should know

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Classical Pugilism - What every Martial Artist should know

Postby Cutlery Penguin » 11 Jan 2014 19:15

This is an ebook written by me and available from

These are a couple of reviews by people who bought it.

Classical Pugilism - What Every Martial Artist Needs to Know.
First off, I should say that I train with Martin (Oz from here on) on a regular basis, and can say with some confidence that is a very good instructor.
So this eBook makes some bold claims, specifically:
• Hit Harder
• Avoid Injury
• Protect Your Hands
• Stay Safe
The first three are well covered, the fourth however is a subject much too large for a short eBook, however in covering only a violent encounter he manages to cover some very simple methods for minimising the chances of injury to yourself, while dealing damage to your assailant. This is not a be all end all manual of self defence.
What this book is is an excellent primer to the systems of Classical Pugilism. The fighting styles of the likes of Figg, Mendoza, Broughton, Richmond and more.
As well as covering some simple techniques Oz also manages to explain the theory behind the differences between what he advocates and what you see in dojos and boxing gyms the world over. He also manages to squeeze in some of the history behind this/these systems.
I look forward to more publications from Oz and with great excitement. I highly recommend signing up to the mailing list, and also training with Oz if you get a chance.

When I received the first two e-books from Martin “Oz” Austwick I discovered a neat, effective methodology for studying classical pugilism, with clear explanations and effective drills useful not only for guiding solo or partnered training but also for use as a foundation upon which to build an effective curriculum for study groups or class instruction.

The really clever part is that Oz uses his extensive professional understanding of the human form to make this knowledge applicable to any other unarmed art too, helping those who study martial disciplines from other parts of the world to improve their striking skills as well.

When combined with the interesting notes on pugilism’s historical context that run through the books this provides a fascinating “compare and contrast” approach which serves to establish pugilism as the equal of any other martial art while also broadening the appeal of his work.

I am certainly looking forward to future editions to see what he comes up with next and in the meantime my own practice has improved markedly by having these articles to refer to.

The book is available here: ... ould-know/
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