My new fully illustrated fecht-e-book is out!

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My new fully illustrated fecht-e-book is out!

Postby Roland Warzecha » 13 Nov 2013 16:09

The very first issue of DIMICATOR is now available.
It contains 32 pages of fully illustrated instructions on how to deliver a strike from your shield side shoulder in medieval sword & buckler combat. I hope you find it useful and I wish you a joyful reading experience.
Your feedback is most welcome. If you like this ebook, your recommendation to support the series would be greatly appreciated.

You can purchase the book at Graphicly.

Or on Facebook.

Or, if you use iOS driven devices, you may decide to purchase it at the iBookstore.

It is also available for Kindle Fire users from Amazon.

The book will hopefully soon be available on other platforms, too, like NOOK, Kobo and Google Books. Check the public DIMICATOR Facebook pages for according news. You can also see additional previews of art work in this public Facebook gallery.

Thank you very much for your kind interest in my work.

Roland Warzecha
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