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Beowulf & Grendel

Postby Monster Zero » 04 Oct 2006 16:20

3 out of 5 Stars

I picked the US version up off of Amazon this week and watched it last night.

It's a flawed movie but very enjoyable.

Costumes and Armor are Great, likely the best for a viking movie. My only complaint was with Grendel's mother, who thankfully had little screen time.

My biggest complaints had to do with the narrative structure. I would have prefered a much tighter structure.

The movie opens with you finding out the truth about Grendel's Vendetta with Hrothgar. And continuing on Grendel has a lot of screentime and is Very "Quest for Fire". I would have prefred to have kept Grendel lurking ominously in the shadows. As it is, you do develop some empathy for him, and indeed he is the moral character in the film. The actor does a good job, but there is only so much "Caveman" one can take.

Butler and Skarsgard were perfect for their roles and did an exceptional job.

Sarah Polley's character felt tacked on and her relevance to the story is revealed late in the film, although you do see it coming about halfway through. Although I liked her character and she did a good job acting, the character seemed to have been tacked on in order to appeal to the female audience and I felt the narrative could have been tighter without her.

Other character that could have been completly removed were the Celtic Priest trying to convert people and the "village idiot" that leads them to Grendel's cave. Both were unnneeded.

The Dialog hovered between good and poor. Some of it also doesn't come across too clear at times due to accents. You can also tell it wasn't written by a native english speaker, and used what seemed to be too much modern english structure. I would have prefered that it were in Old Norse with english subtitles.

Overall, I enjoyed the film and it's a certain must see for Viking fans.
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Postby Paul » 05 Oct 2006 11:06

I'd rate it 4 out of 5 myself.

I liked:
- The costumes
- The location
- The actors
- The boasting
- The fact that they showed more than just the Beowulf - Grendel interaction
- The fact that it had a Christian priest who wasn't a bad guy for once

I disliked:
- The accents
- Some aspects about Sarah Polley
- The fighting styles (no shield use)

Must see.
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Postby Jeffrey Hull » 06 Oct 2006 05:50

I am still waiting for the word-for-word Anglo-Saxon language version to be made. :wink:
Jeffrey Hull

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