Plastics for protection

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Plastics for protection

Postby Ridbadalous » 07 Oct 2013 10:47

Not sure if this is the right bit of the forum to ask, but it's equipment related I guess.
I'm looking at making my own back of head protection with a heat-formed plastic outer shell and foam internal padding, but am unsure as to the thickness of the shell - specifically, is 1.5mm too thin or should I go thicker with slightly less padding? Does anyone have any experience in doing this kind of thing and if so, what are your thoughts? Plastic in question is either HDPE (good enough for hard hats) or ABS, whichever I can get my hands on. At a push it'll be polypropylene cut from a bin...

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Re: Plastics for protection

Postby Magnus Hagelberg » 08 Oct 2013 21:22

Have done a field test using a flexible cutting board about 2mm thick.

What I use is 2 layers of the cutting board shaped the way I want them. In between them I place the kind of foam you use when putting down floors. I whent with a more expensive one - cost me about £16 for some 16m2 so I have enough for most of the clubb.
then I duct tejp them together. Drill some ventilation holes trough it if I think it would help (at the neck it does)
Then I stich it into a cloth bagg that I stich pockets into for each lamé.

It's quite impact dampening, and if you think you need more dampening, you just add another layer of foam in the middle.
The "sandiwch" ends up being at about 1cm thick.
Drilling the holes for air.. is only usefull if the cloth will let some air trough also.. just a tip. I went with dense denim cloth at first -it gets reealy hott. So, if you can get your hands on some mesh with some strenght to it, that's what I would go for.

Hope that helps.
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