The new model of sparring gloves - first impressions

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The new model of sparring gloves - first impressions

Postby tabiris » 26 Aug 2013 13:27

Hey folks. I got a pair of the new model of sparring gloves, and I gotta say, they're pretty good.

I've made a rather detailed post about them, so I'll link it here:

And here is just the final part on what I think of them:

So, first impressions: very positive. You get more for less. The choice of color, the elongated wrist, extra plate on the thumb and the hoof design are all welcome changes. Naturally, there's still room for improvement, but I am really happy to say that these gloves are better than their predecessor. Combined with the price drop, along with some tournaments not allowing steel gauntlets (unsure why), and the lack of other high-quality non-steel gloves (the AF just aren't up to par, at least not the old mode - I am really looking forward to the ProGauntlets, though they are far removed still) these gloves are THE gloves for a longsword HEMAist to have.

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