SOLD: sheath knives and dirk

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SOLD: sheath knives and dirk

Postby Ant » 19 Aug 2013 14:10


I have for sale a number of sheath knives. Prices are including UK p&p.

All are as new, apart from the dirk which I have messed around with (scabbard has been re-dyed and re-stitched, and a frog added for convenience; pommel cap has been antiqued to give it some patina. The blade arrived blunt-edged, and have left it as-is)

Boker Magnum stag subhilt - £40 - SOLD ... 339ebe.jpg

Colt Alamo bowie: £25 - SOLD ... af0c01.jpg

Colt Bowie: £30 - SOLD ... 950704.jpg

Hanwei Horse Gator Bowie -£40 - - SOLD ... b27dac.jpg

Hanwei California Bowie - £40 - SOLD ... 9c6b0d.jpg

Hanwei Dirk - £25 - SOLD ... b1338f.jpg

Measurements can be found online. Cheque or transfer preferred, as Paypal fees are a pain! PM or e-mail me on if you’re interested.

PS: I can't seem to get the photos scaled correctly, so I've given links to photobucket instead - I can also e-mail them to you if required. ... b77ac5.jpg

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Re: For Sale: sheath knives and dirk

Postby blackmixen » 19 Aug 2013 14:55

I want the Colt Alamo bowie. What's the size? As I don't think I have a cheque book any more I'll have to do a transfer.
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