Sold: Valiant Armouries Bristol – UK/ Europe only

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Sold: Valiant Armouries Bristol – UK/ Europe only

Postby Ant » 15 Jul 2013 12:40

Blade length – 26”
Blade width at cross – 2 ¼”
Overall length – 35 5/8”
Weight – 2lb 9oz

I love this sword – sorry to see it go. This is light and fast, and very solid and handy. It is also very sharp, with no secondary bevel and a smooth apple-seed edge.

The the blade is almost a mirror polish, and you get a fabulous scabbard and suspension system included!
The suspension system is a 2-point system allowing for vertical suspension of the sword. The sword and sheath are attached via an embossed leather frog, which means they can easily be removed without having to take off the belt: useful if you don’t want to wear your sword at the dinner table!

In the interests of full disclosure, there are a couple of blemishes associated with such a highly polished blade – these would polish out with some fine sand-paper. They aren’t big or particularly noticeable – I couldn’t even take photos of them! There is also a bit of misalignment to the top of the grip wrap (see pics). It looks like it’s coming apart, but it isn’t – the leather was just bound a bit wonkily, and the dye hasn’t taken to the squiffy bit. I suppose you could also fix this quite easily, if it bothered you, but I've found it doesn't affect handling and is stable enough as it is.

Furniture is stainless steel, and is secured with the usual recessed hex-nut.

If you’re not familiar with the sword, do a Google search and you can see plenty of reviews online. It’s a lovely sword, and quite hard to find over this side of the pond.

I’m asking £300 for this, including postage in the UK. For European deliveries, I will split postage.


I accept payment by paypal (please add 3%), bank transfer, cash, or cheque. Please pm or e-mail me on if you’re interested.

Apologies for the poor photo quality - I can try and provide better pics if anyone wants.


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