Advice on jackets (Gdansk Pro) needed

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Advice on jackets (Gdansk Pro) needed

Postby Angantyr » 17 Jun 2013 12:50

Hi there internet.

I need a new fencing jacket.
And I am thinking of going the "polish route", ie: jacket with that leather apron in front.
So I wonder if anyone here know where to get this apron I see all the polish guys using as I personally feel that would be far better than just a jacket or a jacket with a plastic protector underneath. (Also you look like a badass with one... :mrgreen: )

Also, I find the APetterson jacket a tad small, does anyone here have any inputs on the Gdansk Pro jackets from histfenc (spes) ?

Thanks for any help

-Marius R.
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Re: Advice on jackets (Gdansk Pro) needed

Postby Parrahs » 29 Jun 2013 06:44

I have the Gdansk Pro. It's my first and only fencing jacket, so I can't say much about how it compares to this and that.

I don't know how the sizing is compared to the AP, I went for a custom tailored one, and it fits ok I'd say. Ox, high hanging etc is more definitely tiresome than without the jacket, but I don't have to fight it to get anywhere.

The plastic protectors are a bit mixed in their helpfulness. The shoulder protectors didn't quite fit next to my mask when I go or high von tag, so I generally don't sue them. The upper arm guards have problems staying attached at times, might get retired as well. The elbow guards weren't where they should be when I got the jacket, but were easily shifted to where I wanted them by adjusting the lengths of the elastic cord they're pointed in place with. Lower arm guards work nicely (perhaps too well, some hits you won't even notice) though they only cover the outside.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, the zipper feels rather anaemic. We'll see how long it lasts. Thee ends of the elastic cords had also been left alone to unravel as they felt like, easy to fix of course (get some matches or a lighter and heat them so the strands melt together), but that only makes it all the stranger that it wasn't done by SPES.
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