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PostPosted: 10 Jun 2013 19:58
by the_last_alive
I'm in the market for a new sword bag. Preferably something a bit (doesn't have to be much) longer than the old golf bags, and able to withstand international air travel.

What do people use?

What do people recommend?

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PostPosted: 10 Jun 2013 21:13
by Colin F.
Snowboard bag with reinforced ends. Fit my sabres, clothes, equipment and mask etc for the ISS and worked well. It can fit my feder/albion in as well should the need be for longsword.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2013 10:49
by Stevie T
I've made my own, but these look interesting

add 16 Euro for shipping.

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PostPosted: 13 Jun 2013 22:06
by Monzambano
I got a gun case - not much room for anything else, but it's stiff. Our situation is different, too, though, we're usually 2-3 travelling, so we have a number of blades and the opportunity to consolidate the soft/bulky stuff into a separate bag.

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PostPosted: 20 Jun 2013 14:31
by Jacob_Lee
After a bit of scoping I found this:

The website is fishy at best, but at least the product linked has two reviews that sound convincingly grumpy.