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Historic Arts Customer Service Policy

Postby Paul B » 05 Apr 2013 14:10

Historic Arts Customer Service Policy

I have two objectives for what I do and how I conduct business. Just 2.

Objective A – To make enough profit to support myself, Cheryl and our, hopefully plentiful, babies.
Objective B – To enjoy what I do for a living

Objective A is an ongoing thing and frankly, Im not sure It will ever be achieved. But the thing is, as Objective B is holding steady, I can cope.

I’m a decent, honest and reasonable person, and I like to help people, go the extra mile and be generally nice. I do this because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and goes towards Objective B.
I also believe that people should be rewarded for being pleasant, reasonable, kind, enthusiastic and otherwise lovely. Its how you should get on in the world and you deserve the effort because you make me happy.
However, if I’m going that extra mile and making huge efforts for you despite impossible circumstances, and you are unappreciative, rude, dismissive, bullish and otherwise unpleasant, you are impinging on Objective B. No matter how aggrieved you feel, you don’t get to treat me like dirt for putting that much effort in. You should not be rewarded for having tantrums and you deserve less effort because you make me unhappy.

The following guidelines will govern all my future dealings:

1 – I will tend to make effort for people because it makes me happy.
2 – If you are appreciative, nice, polite, enthusiastic and reasonable, I will tend to reward you with extra effort, free stuff and/or discounts etc. Know that you rock.
3 – If you are unappreciative, rude, dismissive, bullish and otherwise unpleasant, I will tend to restrict the service you get to the bare minimum level to discharge my responsibilities to you and then blacklist you.
4 – People who are nasty and come under policy 3 can, at any point, start being nice and will be treated as such.
.... or I could be completely wrong.

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