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Szymon Chlebowski: Tamiza review & lament

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2013 02:01
by tabiris
I've had rather mixed experience with this smith, so I'll provide the full story:

Saw the insanely cheap prices. Decided to order a sword from him, went with the Tamiza with a single side ring. Got the sword in like 2 months, Szymon was kind enough to take me over the line since my sword just broke at the time, and i needed a new one in a hurry.

These were the stats:
96cm blade,
PoB 8 cm.



Handled very nicely. Had very little weight at the tip, which made it difficult to feel where exactly it was (similar to standard Regenyei feders), but a very nice sword for the price. The ring is raised from one plate and welded in the middle, which is also great. The flex was mostly at the last 15cm, as will be shown in the later pictures. The ridge under the ring is a bit too prominent, which makes the thumb grip a bit uncomfortable, but the non-ringed side had it smoothed down so it was nice and comfy. I did say that I'll mostly use the blade on one side only, so he might have taken that into account. My personal tastes in sword changed quite a bit since I had this sword, though - today, I'd say it's slightly too light and does not have enough weight towards the point (thought the PoB is OK). Still, even by my current standards, it'd be a sword worth the money, if not for the problem below. I liked the sword, ordered a few more, which I sadly had to cancel due to the recession and ensuing monetary constraints.
However, one Dijon, I was told by several folks to send the sword back ASAP. Here's why:



The blade was too soft, and I was told, also by blacksmiths, this means it will break due to stress. The point bent and stayed bent after every thrust, and I didn't make much of it at the start, but it did get annoying. Having seen other swords of his, of the same type, it was quite obvious the HT was off. So when I got home, I mailed Szymon, and he agreed to replace the blade if i sent the blade back, which I did.

So now comes the bad part of the whole experience. I've mailed the blade back 9 months ago. Since then, I've gotten 5 or 6 mails saying either the blade was shipped yesterday or it will be shipped within a week. I've not exactly been the best customer, since I had to cancel orders and it did take some time for me to send the blade back too. However, I received no explanation on why the blade is late, or a realistic completion date. I'd be quite willing to wait a bit longer, as now I do have a lovely blade to train with, if I knew why I'm waiting and how long I'll be waiting for. As is, I'm afraid I've thrown 300 eur into the water (140 sword, 100 ring, 2x30 shipping), never to see the sword again.
The rest of his blades that I saw were properly HT'd, and didn't have the problems mine did.
As far as I know, I am the only such case, though it is not uncommon to wait longer than expected. I've also offered to take something he has in stock of similar value, to which I only got the response of "it will be sent tomorrow".

Re: Szymon Chlebowski: Tamiza review & lament

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2013 11:35
by admin
I have never even held one of Chlebowski's swords, but that was not for lack of trying!....

I tried to order several swords from him, trying to develop a good gymnasium sabre and also intending to order other types of sword. However, after a few emails he went very vague on details and timeframes, and eventually he went completely silent and seemed to 'disappear'. So eventually, after several emails unanswered, I gave up.

My attitude is that if a supplier cannot be bothered to even reply to an email then I certainly will not be giving them my money. There are lots of other suppliers who are happy to reply to emails and take my money in return for what I want.

I'm sure Szymon is a perfectly nice guy, but my personal experience of him is that he sucks at business.

PostPosted: 02 Apr 2013 17:00
by Ty N.
Ditto what Matt said.

Re: Szymon Chlebowski: Tamiza review & lament

PostPosted: 02 Apr 2013 20:58
by tabiris
Yeah, which is too bad.

The sword wasn't bad, and I'm sure it was nothing malevolent. The other swords of his I've seen and handled were all OK, seems like this one was just unlucky. And as I said, with an explanation I'd be perfectly happy to wait a bit longer. I'm kinda said to have had to write this review, as I'm sure it would've been a whole lot more positive had I gotten the sword.

Re: Szymon Chlebowski: Tamiza review & lament

PostPosted: 07 Jun 2013 11:08
by tabiris
Happy to say the whole thing has reached its conclusion.

I've gotten back the old sword and a brand new one, which flexes over 90 and returns to true no problem (also handles well). So while it did take a while, the replacement was fulfilled. :)