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Armourclass Two hander

Postby Nikos » 28 Sep 2006 15:03

Right, heres for my first review, of all the swords I have, I am doing this first, one because its one of the few I currently have a pic of, and two most people probably don't know that it exists because its not even advertised on the Armourclass website, I bought it from them at a show for £260 (haggled down from 280). Here are the dimensions:

Overall: 5' 2"
Grip: 16.5"
Blade Just under 2" wide tapering to three quarter inch
Guard 11.5" wide

Weight 2.6kg

Pic: ... picxg6.jpg

Having always been a fan of Armourclass since my first sword came from them many years ago, I always pay their stand a visit at the markets and usually find atleast one sword that I want. I have now owned the sword for about 6 months and used it weekly, took a few sessions to get used to it as its a fair bit longer thah any weapons in my collection. Now this sword is far lighter than it looks to the untrained eye, also from the heavy tapering of the blade you can see that it is most certainly designed for some good thrusting as well as the cut.

The best thing when you fight someone who has not faced a weapon this size is firstly the intimidation factor, may sound silly but its true, that can be used to your advantage, especially for feints. The sword is very fast and the thrust is trully leathal, especially as due to the range and leverage of the long grip you can simply maneouvre around bucklers looking for your target. Many a shield user can often be caught out with a quick blow to the head as well, as this blade really moves fast. The centre of balance is about 4 inches from the guard, again pointing out (no pun intended) the swords use for thrusting.

Overall I have had some great training as well as great fun with this weapon, only thing that has caught me out ocassionally is the large guard occassionally catching on my coat sleeve or arm guards, thats just something you have to get used to. Of course its not exactly an easy weapon to carry around either, had to make a back scabbard to carry the thing back and forth to training as it doesnt fit in my bag. The pic is all I have at the mo, but I can take more if people want them, I have loads more swords all by UK manufacturers, am happy to post pics and reviews here if people want them.
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Postby TheDude » 28 Sep 2006 15:11

Just checking if this link works better Nikos.

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