Review: Fallkniven DC4 pocket sharpening stone

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Review: Fallkniven DC4 pocket sharpening stone

Postby admin » 26 Feb 2013 17:56 ... 492&sr=8-1

I'm not into long reviews, but I've been using this stone for about 9 months now and it's great. I've used it for sharpening everything from kitchen knives, to bowie knives and kukris, right up to one and two-handed swords. Unlike a whetstone this does not require any water or oil and it is small and fits in your pocket easily. Because it is small I do not use it in the same way as a whetstone, putting the stone on a surface and grinding the blade against it - instead I hold the blade and operate the stone against the rigid blade.
Caveat: It takes practice, just like with any sharpening stone. The instructions with the stone are all in 'foreign', but there are lots of tutorials on Youtube that can show you how to sharpen things (although there are different methods, and the method I was shown by a well known knife maker does not work for me - I now do it a different way).

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