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Advice: Hockey girdle review required

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2013 16:37
by Stevie T
I hear there are a few people out there using various ice/roller hockey girdles and was wondering if any of them might be willing to give a quick pros/cons of them for use in HEMA, I'm particularly thinking longsword here, but a wider context would be great.



Re: Hockey girdle review required

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2013 20:03
by Magnus Hagelberg
Hockey girdle? or rollerhockeygirdle?

Been using this one.

+you get better protection for thigs,
+Cup incorporated into pants.

-need wide training pants to fit ower them.
-Should sitt slimfitt to work propperly or they can become bulky and cumpersome.

The ones I got where softshell and only dampens blows, it realy helps, but hard lamells inside of them would be nice when fighting with steel.

The weak spott is inside of legg in the groin area, I ussualy get a bruise slightly above the knee.

I would recomend them for sparring. The soft shell ones lets you feel hitts even if you go slow.
But if your aim is steel and fiesty contact, get something slightly sturdier.. and do go feel some out in a shopp. You need the fit to be good, not perfect, but good.

Hope that helps.

Re: Hockey girdle review required

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2013 14:45
by Stevie T
Much appreciated Magnus.

Doubt I'll get the opportunity to try before I buy as none of the stores anywhere near me stock them.

I'll search for some with hard plates and see what the cost is as I'm definitely looking for use with steel.

Might have to look at some custom pants by the sounds of it.

Re: Hockey girdle review required

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2013 23:24
by Magnus Hagelberg
You could go with the pants the guys use for rollerhockey, mind tough, they are laarge :)
But airy.

Re: Hockey girdle review required

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2013 10:13
by Mark T
I posted the following over at the Hema Alliance forum when Stevie asked the question there - so he's already seen this, but just in case this is of interest to anyone else:

Some quick reflections:

I haven't done any serious bouting in one yet, so can't comment on the protection, but can report that the Reebok 5k fits very well under Absolute Force knickers (for my medium build, at least).

While I haven't got to physically compare the 5k to the 7k, online images and descriptions of the 7k suggested it might be too bulky. Having said that, the 5k looks far more bulky in the hand than it feels when on ... when spread out evenly across your body, all that foam doesn't actually take up much room at all, and it's easy to forget you're wearing it. This has me wondering if the 7k would not be as bad to wear as it looks (although from memory, the side panels are a lot higher).

Given that the foam pads on the AF pants don't cover much area and are a little funky, stripping them out and using the girdle will give more coverage. I also like that the 5k girdle has a hardshell protection for the coccyx.

The 5k has a built-in cup/box holder and comes with a cup. Personally, I found that the strapping which holds the cup is a little too loose, and much prefer the more snug fit of compression shorts, such as those from Shock Doctor. Fortunately, the Shock Doctor compression shorts fit under the 5k girdle just fine.

I also wouldn't trust the provided Reebok plastic cup, and think the steel cup from Shock Doctor is a better option. This also gives some flexibility when training: you can have compression shorts + cup under fencing knickers to cover lower-intensity work, and then just add the girdle for heavier sparring - no need to fish about with cups in the middle of a training session when upping the protection level.

Finally, for those interested in FIE/CEN undershorts Allstar's undershorts fit under the Reebok 5k girdle, giving a good mix of impact and puncture protection - especially if both are under impact-absorbing, and puncture-resistant fencing knickers ... this combination seems to me to make groin + upper leg protection the easiest-solved part of the HEMA protection equation - it sounds like we are still experimenting a lot with upper body options, gloves, and headger, and I'm still not sure I've found leg options that are ideal (ice hockey legs, such as the Warrior line, give high protection but are bulky; most of the other options that people suggest have major gaps).

However, the combination of 800N FIE undershorts, padded Reebok 5k girdle, and 350N (or more) fencing knickers seems like a pretty good solution for the mid-region, and is available off-the-shelf.

Hope that's of some help,

Mark T

PS Oh, two more things: first, the Reebok 7k shirt and 5k pants provide a pretty good combination of coverage, especially when under heavier outer layers that can decelerate blows that would fall between the necessary gaps in the padded gear.

Second, Hockey Monkey and other sites often have the previous year's model shirts and girdles for sale.