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Advice: review wanted.

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2013 20:03
by Thallian
As the title suggests, has anyone bought from there before? The prices seem very competitive, maybe a little too much so.

What sort of sword do they make? Reenactment blunts or rebates fencing blades?

Re: review wanted.

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2013 20:45
by Mearcstapa
I looked into them and the summary of what I found on the internet is as follows:
- Handling better than Armourclass
- Lighter than Kovex Ars weapons but more substantial
- Good, fair and bad reviews

Further reading:

Re: Advice: review wanted.

PostPosted: 12 May 2013 20:57
by Tyler Brandon
Myself and the others invloved in the Polish Saber study over at the HEMA Alliance looked into their sabers, another posted trashed Fabributh never gave any real reasons why. I haven't seen anything bad eslewhere, or at least anything damning. See KOA carries them now so I may try them out.

Re: Advice: review wanted.

PostPosted: 13 May 2013 14:06
by Kreivos
I've handled a couple of their blunt training longswords, feders and arming swords. The longswords were not too heavy, well balanced and handled well but they were very stiff. For the price they're ok. I wouldn't recommend their feders though. The ones I've handled had the balance point right in the crossguard and that made the handling very weird (and not in a good way). I have an Fabri arming sword which is also ok enough, stiff and a bit heavy though. I could buy (and have bought) some stuff from them but I'd be selective of what to buy, trying to look for reviews of the specific sword first.

-Jukka Salmi

Re: Advice: review wanted.

PostPosted: 16 May 2013 17:38
by Francesco Perciballi
I handle and use in my class " Spring sword (Federschwert) " ( ):

A little bit heavier than a "normal" feder, and less flexible, but sure resistant and reliable. Good steel. I think is not good against modern fencing masks, it damages them very much.

I handled so much " Gothic cutlass " ( ):

Very good item. Good steel, not so heavy, resistant and reliable.

I tried many gauntlets, too, when I meet eng. Krond'ak during an event but, like every armoury part, if it is not tailored, it can't assure good dexterity.

Re: Advice: review wanted.

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014 01:36
by StevenJ4810
I've owned a total of five Fabri Armorum swords. I sold to to other members in my re-enactment group. They are a good buy but do have serious minor annoyances. The grip wraps on them tend to fall apart fast and the cross guards generally aren't well secured and will work they way loose in time on most of their swords, but not all. On all the Fabris I owned I redid the grips on all of them, even the high finish ones with the fancy twist wrap and cooper wire. They just come undone in time or the cross guard starts to shake and come loose. My solution to the problem was to remove the twist wrap, reshape the core, rewrap them with artificial senu and tightly bound it, then cover it with 1 to 2 ounce cow skin leather. These are the models I've owned and still own from them.

1. An arming sword (Sold to friend in my group)
2. a training grade long sword (Sold to a friend in my group)
3. a gothic heavy falchion training grade
4. Avar war saber
5. 16th century Hungarian saber

I still own the last three in the list. So far, only the falchion and Hungarian saber have kept a solid grip, with no rattles or shakes in the cross guard. The problem is the pommel is welded but the cross guard isn't. It's not like you can cold peen them more, uh.. they're not peened lol! Aside from these fit and finish issues, their steel is superb quality as is temper, on par with BKS and will withstand beatings from BKS swords and keep on going. Their weights aren't bad and many of them do handle well depending on which one you buy. I tell you though, that Hungarian saber I own from them is very close to period specs in terms of weight and balance. It's a bit on the short side as the over all length is 32 inches, but other than that weight and balance is spot on at a hair over two pounds with a 6 1/2 inch pob.

Re: Advice: review wanted.

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2014 15:20
by Turmine
Good to see this as ...

I am looking at a good training sword for Bolognese and while I could go to old faithful (Darkwood) they only have two real options there and I'd like something a little more custom, even for training, that suits my tastes rather than being limited at the two they offer.

I am assuming the battle type blades are the way to go but I am a little confused by their specs ... they have a length chart at the far right but it does not specify if this if it is total length or blade length only. Some makers like Armour Class have very short blades, something I wish to avoid and yes a quick e-mail will surely clarify. In the meantime, anybody got anything Side Swordy from Fabri they care to share their views?


Re: Advice: review wanted.

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2014 07:01
by StevenJ4810
I look at Fabri Armourm as a direct competitor to BKS for stage swords. I have no experience with their cut and thrust weapons but it may be a bit too stiff for what you want. Darkwood, you'd be hard to beat them for your Rapier or Cut and Thrust needs. If you want a stage weapon for armored combat though, Fabri is a good choice.

Re: Advice: review wanted.

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2014 13:00
by Turmine
Well hearing that the Fabri guards develop a rattle is enough to turn me off ... even though Darkwoods are a screw on pommel, I can always cinch them down before and after every training if needs be and they are a solid unit.