Wanted: broken swords, hilts parts from broken items etc

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Wanted: broken swords, hilts parts from broken items etc

Postby baltogu » 06 Oct 2012 15:03

Hi all,

I'm Julien M and if you read myarmoury you may have come across some of my sword customization projects or scabbard work (a couple of examples below).

http://www.myarmoury.com/talk/viewtopic ... sc&start=0
http://www.myarmoury.com/talk/viewtopic ... sc&start=0

Crawling through the forum here, I can see that you guys push training swords to the limits and sometimes breakage happens. I am thinking of hanwei tinker blades for instance, having the tang thread broken, or blades having taken so much punishments that they would not be suitable for sparing anymore.

If you happen to have a pile a sword garbage, I might be interested buying some of that to recycle it so please shoot me a pm if that's so.

I'm especially interested in finding an Hanwei side sword hilt at the moment, but could very well use a tinker longsword blade with a snapped tang threador anything else you may have not any use for.

Let me know!

Thanks a lot.


Julien M
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