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Review: AF Articulated Knee Protectors

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2012 21:54
by Monster Zero
I just picked up a pair of the articulated knee guards and am sending them back as they do not appear to be sized for adults. The straps are simply too short.

They are going to see if they can lengthen them, but as they are designed, I think it's going to be pretty hard to do.

For reference, I'm 190lbs, wear a size L shirt and wear a size 34 Pants. I'm also in pretty decent shape.

The straps don't even make it 1/2 way to the other side across the top of my thigh.

The protection they seem to provide would be good, but as-is there are sizing issues, and I would avoid until they get worked out.

Re: AF Articulated Knee Protectors

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2012 22:10
by Monster Zero
I received some corrected versions last week and tried them out in sparring today.

The top and bottom straps were good, though could be a little shorter by 2-3 CM but performed very well.

The center one is too long now, but I was able to tuck it in and it seemed fine.

The knee guards stayed in place and provided excellent coverage.

They need a little tweaking but are pretty good and provide excellent protection. :mrgreen: