Advice: Ensifer Long Feder?

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Advice: Ensifer Long Feder?

Postby Laurent » 11 Sep 2012 20:16

I am interested in purchasing Ensifer long and heavy feder version (135cm long, 1,7kg in weight).
May anyone tell me about its durability, handling, stiffness and thickness of the blade and anythings else he or she sees fit to mention.
Thanks you in advance.
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Re: Ensifer Long Feder

Postby tabiris » 11 Sep 2012 22:08


Definitely a worthwhile investment. Handles wonderfully, lovely and lively. The PoB is around 7cm, I believe. The feder is quite stiff, though, so full power thrusts will hurt, but they still aren't dangerous if protective gear is worn. The durability is superb, probably the best out of the available swords right now. Also, I count the weight to its advantage, but that's personal preference - i dislike swords that are too light. The construction is very solid, though the crossguard might start rattling slightly after a longer period of heavy use. If you don't mind the weight and a blade stiffer than most feders, it is an awesome sword.

Shortly: thumbs up
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Re: Ensifer Long Feder

Postby Magnus Hagelberg » 12 Sep 2012 08:28

Having used them in a competittion.

I'd say they respond lovely, are a joy to handle.

if worn with appropriate protection, that is propper gloves, at least on par with ensifer gloves.
(supercross or other lacross will not stopp them-got one finger dmgd trough my pair)
You want gambesson, escrima arm, mask cover, kneeprotection etc..

The crosses are a slight issue - one cross got slightly bent during the competittion.
Peharpps giving an incline as to how much force was used.

Jan said something about making ballpoint crosses -get one of those if able.

Well worth the money.
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Re: Ensifer Long Feder

Postby Laurent » 25 Sep 2012 05:41

I have sent an email to ensifer about his long feder.
Thank you for the feedbacks.
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