For Sale: Custom Tim Noyes Falchion - SOLD

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For Sale: Custom Tim Noyes Falchion - SOLD

Postby Sekhemet » 05 Mar 2009 21:58

I am selling a brand new custom made falchion built by Tim Noyes of Heron Armouries based in the UK.

Tim Noyes is a very highly regarded sword maker, and is particularly well known in the re-enactment circuit for excellent quality workmanship and durable, lasting blades. I personally know several re-enactment colleagues who have had Tim Noyes swords for over 5 years, and they look as good as they did the day they were forged.

Anyway, the falchion was ordered as a customised sword by myself for the new re-enactment season, but since this time I have found a slightly shorter one which I am much happier with.

I have attached several pictures of the sword, handle and tip.


Blade length from tip to quillion - 24 inches.
length of handle from bottom of pommel to quillion - 5 inches
length of handle from top of pommel to quillion - 7 inches
The handle is firmly wrapped with leather and sealed at the quillion with a brass band.
Weight - 2.5 pounds (lbs)

The blade has one fuller which runs from the quillion 21 inches down the blade.
The blade widens with the curve of the falchion edge.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SWORD IS BLUNT - it is UK regulation 3mm edge on the 'cutting side' and 5 mm from the quillion 'blunt side' to 3mm at 21 inches (to simulate the double cutting edge round the top 3 inches of the tip of the sword).

The quillion is an 's' curved version which serves to protect the fingers/ knuckles from a cut or strike.

This sword has no dents, scratches, rust patches or blemishes - it is brand new.

I would like £230 for this falchion. (I believe that is $325 USD or 259 EUROS) Postage within the UK will be £8. Postage internationally will probably be around the £20 mark for USA, etc.

I will accept a Paypal payment for those who are international individuals, and additionally a cheque from those in the UK.

Please feel free to email me at for details or to conclude the transaction.



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