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Postby Axia » 15 Jan 2009 18:54

Hi! I'm Davide from Italy
I ordered two sword by Sword Gur online shop, but after few months from the payment i don't have any notice from him.... Anyone can tell me something about him? Is him a good seller? He told me that he should mail me when swords would be ready. But now i can't have any notice from him neither mailing him nor trying to PHONE him. I'm a bit disappointed for this and i hope anyone of you could tell me something about this shop..

Thank you and excuse me for my baby english....
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Postby Risto R » 16 Jan 2009 09:21


I've previously ordered one sword from him and that one got delayed about two or three months because his steel supplier went out of business. So that was quite understandable and acceptable. Otherwise that sword indeed has been well worth the money.

At the beginning of last summer I ordered a new custom sword from him and at the end of august he said he had started it. Even though sending numerous e-mails I haven't heard from him since. So he might be having some sorts of problems there. He seems friendly and honest in his posts, but this is getting to be a bit annoying the sword being very late. I know that he has sent swords that were ordered last spring. And one of the people in our group managed to order a sword from him about a few weeks ago and was told that the sword would be ready in 4 months. So he is getting the e-mails, but for some reason does not have time to answer them all. I know that some custom projects can prove to be more tricky than thought initially and thus lengthen the time required to finish them. I would like to know if anyone else is having problems getting their swords.
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Postby Axia » 19 Jan 2009 08:20

So, i'm not the one who is in the same condition... anyway i'll wait for his news, and i'll send any information here...
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Postby Risto R » 04 Mar 2009 07:55

Well, I haven't received my sword yet, but the gal that ordered her sword at the beginning of this year got her sword yesterday. I'm beginning to be a bit pissed off.
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Postby Risto R » 08 Mar 2009 09:50

Ah. This has been a communication mix up and my sword had been sent to my previous address as for some reson he didn't get the e-mail I sent him my new address. Go buy, his training swords are good value for the money. I might do a review of the sharpie as it gets here.
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Postby Nikos » 08 Mar 2009 12:19

Nice to see a happy conclusion, do post up full stats if you can.
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Re: Sword Gur

Postby ElGur » 18 Dec 2013 14:04


We would like to thanks to all. We have grow up and changed web adress. Sorry to trouble to you. We hope everythink will be OK.
At start I have some news of the year 2013 in Swordmakery ElGur www.sword-elgur.com

If you are interest in hand forge making technology ElGur, you can fine more here in picture:
http://motycka.jan.sweb.cz/ELGUR/VYR_HL ... la_osm.htm
http://motycka.jan.sweb.cz/ELGUR/VYR_PR ... ri_sro.htm
http://www.sword-elgur.cz/replicas-manu ... html?sm=25

Here are some products
http://www.sword-elgur.com/katalog/para ... at=4&pn=44
http://www.sword-elgur.com/katalog/one- ... at=4&pn=57

Finally we produce scabbards with woodcore

Thank you to all and have a nice comming time
PF 2014
Michal Kuzník and Jan „Red Gur“ Motyčka
Swordmakery ElGur
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Re: Sword Gur

Postby tabiris » 18 Dec 2013 16:35

I've tried the ElGur feder at Tyrnhaw, was very impressed. Great sword.
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