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Gloves for sparring

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009 13:51
by admin
Hi guys, this comes up so often that I think we should have a permanent list up.

Could you please post links to the gloves available that you would recommend. Please limit it to a link and brief comments on the item - no OT discussion please.

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009 13:53
by admin

Mixed reviews - seem to be good for nylon and shinai, not so much for steel.

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009 13:55
by admin ... afety-gear

Mixed reviews - seem to be good with most types of weapon but have a habit of splitting at the seams.

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009 14:01
by admin ... es_17.html

The P019 model - good reviews for the price (you need to buy two separately for right and left though).

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009 14:02
by admin

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009 14:03
by admin

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009 14:07
by Paul B
admin wrote:

1 good review so far

Try for size before you buy, as the plates are quite inflexible and can be uncomfortable on the knuckles if the glove is too large.

Decent protection for shinai, good range of motion.

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009 14:51
by fuscus
Here're a few more links I came across.

http://www.cuttingedgemartialartssuppli ... oduct2868/ ... ategory=42

They look pretty good quality and reasonably priced;have no personal experience of using them.

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2009 17:25
by ASP
These are supposed to be really easy to make yourself , they are usually based on weldinggloves. They look very nice =) ... g,handskar

Similar type with better protection for the forearms ... g,handskar

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2009 12:47
by fuscus
They look sturdy - sturdy enough for steel.Are they welding gloves with Leather overlaid to form the gauntlet or purpose made?

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2009 13:54
by ASP
Im not sure that I understood you question corrrectly but:

The first pair are regular welding gloves that the maker reinforced with leather. The guy suggests that you can put a layer of wool cloth between the leather and the glove for extra protection.

The second pair are made of some old Swedish army motorcycle gloves, reinforced with 6 mm leather.


PostPosted: 11 Jan 2009 13:18
by admin
Keep on topic please - this thread is supposed to be a list of gloves to buy with short reviews where available, not a discussion.

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2009 16:54
by Nikos ... e_2008.htm , I have found these to be much better than the grays, less gaps and sturdier protection, the thumb isn't perfect though as it can twist around, and there is no cuff protection, so you need to use extra wrist protection.

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2009 12:02
by fuscus
Thanks Asp,you've answered the question perfectly.

Adapting motorbike/welding gloves is a good idea in the way you've shown.It's just having the time and space to do this kind of work,specially if leather working is not a strong point

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2009 13:18
by T Gallagher
The jury is definitely in on the Timeseller gloves. Fine for shinai and synthetic (though you will get bruised), but no good for steel.

Tim of the Disfunctional Digit

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2009 14:02
by Nikos
Indeed, the evidence is seen in this pic


As for gloves, in Vienna I bought a pair of Brine Lacrosse gloves, I don't remember which model but I have the packaging at home so will check, but you can see their range here

I saw these gloves at Vienna last year but didn't know much about them, clearly this year they were the norm, the vast majority of people sparring with steel (which was the majority) was done wearing these, including all the major groups. I have only sparred with them once so far but am already extremely impressed, they do offer an immense amount of protection with no real sacrifice in flexiblity. They only suffer in the one respect of being a little bulky, although not like ice hockey stuff, this is quite minor, and Frede tells me they get better and better as they soften up. They certainly aren't cheap, but then I don't mind forking out cash for good equipment.

The wrist proctection is excellent as it is made of two seperate plates which fit quite loosely over the wrist rather than wrapping all the way round, this means they will overlap forearm protectors such as my escrima ones, making for excellent protection and comfort. The finger plates are curved around to the side of the fingers making for far better protection than anything else I have seen such as the hockey gloves I currently use. Best of all, the protection between the index finger and thumb is awesome, which is a serious weakpoint in many.

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2009 17:36
by Stevie T
Just found a Uk supplier of Lacrosee gloves here

Some are as little as £31 +p&p a pair, no idea of the quality though.

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2009 12:27
by admin

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2009 16:16
by admin

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2009 09:27
by Angantyr
admin wrote:

Unreviewed as yet.

Bought a couple of gloves with same name and look at another website.
I have only used them for one day, and I lent them to a friend for use in reenactment.
Happy so far, they took controlled steel hits with no problem. Decent protection overall. Really nice to have the palm cut out so you are "skin against weapon".
On the downside they are a little stiff. (But they are totaly new...) And the seam doesn't look like it will hold up. (But then my GF is the goddess of sewing.)
And the padding doesn't overlap, so a sword migth find its way between the knuckles.
Overall I am as I said happy, and I hope for them to break in without loosing parts. Considering what I gave for them and the usual price for Norwegian MA-equipment, and that they were sent the same day as I ordered them, I give them thumbs up for now.

Used them more, and still too stiff. And you quickly get a gap in your wrist when turning your hands around. No good, me bad. Ordered a couple of new gloves from another site. Buy something else if you plan on doing a lot of "handywork".