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Changes at RS Knives

Postby Cutlery Penguin » 30 Jun 2006 19:30

Over the next month or two there are going to be some big changes at RS Knives. The site will be completely rearranged with the focus being exclusively on the blades I forge myself. This will be split between historical and contemporary work.

The section of the site that currently deals with Production swords is going to be re-branded and will appear soon as the Cheness lines will still be our major focus, but there will be some other items available. I am in the process of negotiating a deal with another Chinese forge which, if it is successful, will allow me to offer some extremely cheap swords indeed. Both Japanese style and hopefully some European style swords as well. On top of this I am soon going to be offering some items from Kris Cutlery. Because they are themselves a small company and maintain very small levels of stock this will be limited, but it will allow me to include some other designs of sword (Dao, Jian etc) in the stock I offer.

Now, to the meat of the post. As you know I quite cunningly managed to set my face on fire today and because of this I am going to be unable to forge for a few days. As I was relying on the money from the blades I am currently working on it leaves me in a sticky position and so I need to liquidate some stock pretty shaprish! So here's what I can offer.

In the UK,

A Ranko banana (through hardened 1045 steel with bohi) for £100 plus p&p (normally £140)

A Higo banana (san-mai 9260 and 1045 through hardened without bohi) for £135 plus p&p (normally £175)

In the US I will dropship any of the Cheness range for the cheapest price I am allowed to sell them at, for example a Shura for $249.99 (RRP $499.99)

Please help a starving, slightly swollen lipped bladesmith...

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Postby Angel S. » 30 Jun 2006 19:56

You'll have to post a pick of that pouty lip. :wink:
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Postby the_last_alive » 30 Jun 2006 20:05


Oz, i would buy the £100 banana, but money is currently tight.
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Postby swordflasher » 30 Jun 2006 20:30

Me too mate - already living on next month's overdraft. :roll:

Hope your face is OK.
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Postby admin » 01 Jul 2006 17:47

I'm also tight because of other stuff. But the former news is all great Oz!

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