Who works with Vadi?

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Re: Who works with Vadi?

Postby Barca » 14 Jun 2012 04:34

I think part of the disjointed feeling between the prologue and the plates is that the heart of Vadi's advice and system is contained in the prologue, combined with the guards and the two segno. That provides your overall movement framework, your footwork, cuts, thrusts and parries along with the tactical framework.

The plates with individual techniques are really just extra icing on the cake, specific techniques to round out the meat of the system - not the system itself.

This is a different presentation method to Fiore, where he steps you through the system, one plate and technique at a time. By practicing each technique, you learn the overall system. But with Vadi, you can begin practicing the system before you get to the technique plates - you already know how Vadi wants you to stand, step, cut, thrust and parry.

Just my opinion FWIW. Everyone is free to disagree.
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Re: Who works with Vadi?

Postby Mark Lancaster » 28 Jun 2012 21:50

Motley wrote:This is what I wrote about my first impressions of Vadi in a now defunct blog back in 08 I had probably being doing HEMA about a year at this point.

Me wrote:So Vadi arrived the other day. Delivered safely to my door by the Canadian postal service, which in its own way is a minor miracle.

I have only just started to read what he has to say on the subject of swordsmanship. I am a very short way in to the book and I have browsed the pictures somewhat and very pretty they are too.

Since I first began to look into HEMA whenever I have read about Italian Longsword I have had the impression that Vadi was basically in the same tradition as Fiore and showed basically the same material, just from a slightly later view point. I cannot help but think that if you just used Vadi as a reference you would come up with something pretty different to what you would come up with by reading just Fiore.

The leads me to wonder was it basically the same thing or not? Considering that Vadi seemed to suggest that his art was new.

This is actually a very important and clever blog post. Think about the simple questions raised ... if Vadi is developing on from Fiore ("new art") then we have something that must be looked at in context and in relation to Fiore ... but, if Vadi is just maintaining the Fiore tradition then we have something solid that didn't need to progress.

Either way it is important.
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