Fiore Symposium - An Open Idea in Progress

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Fiore Symposium - An Open Idea in Progress

Postby Colin Richards » 08 Nov 2009 13:44

Fiore Symposium: A provisional open idea.

I propose we start a Fiore Symposium annually or biannually sometime in November or late October.

Everyone can add to this idea as, this post is only to get the ball rolling.

All Fiore instructors and researchers gather and show latest research on a topic on the first day, lectures in the evening, and analysis of presentations given on the first day on the second day.

Arts of Mars Academy is willing to host or organise the first either in Germany or in Britain or anyone else can offer. We could alternate between Europe and North America every two years. The organisers will change every year, and also the place.

Arts of Mars Books is willing to donate money to help with expenses of the travelling though at this time after our explosion and fire, we have limited resources. This may change in the near future. We cannot commit to an amount at this time.

The idea is to have a concentrated weekend of all that is best in Fiore research, and to give the chance for everyone to present their material.

Arts of Mars Books has professional video equipment and is willing to video the presentations and then produce a DVD to sell to interested people. The profits from which will be channelled to the contributors to help finance their trips to and from the venue. If this is not acceptable someone else can do it.

I have the following people on my list of researchers and instructors:

Brian Stokes
Matt Easton and co.
Rob Lovett
Mark Lovett
Mark Lancaster
Mark Rubboli
Colin Richards
Sean Hayes
Guy Windsor
Ilkka Hartikainen
Greg Mele
Brian Price
Bob Charron
Callum Forbes
Colin McKinstry

All people who are interested please post here or on the other forums. Please add any known researchers and instructors that I have missed off.

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